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Re: A Look at the Next Release of Ubuntu GNU/Linux

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____/ Homer on Wednesday 13 Jul 2011 17:54 : \____

> Verily I say unto thee, that William Poaster spake thusly:
>> OTOH I wouldn't want *all* distros to be "newbie friendly", as some of
>> us who've used Linux for a long time might prefer more advanced
>> distros like Arch, Gentoo, Slackware, CentOS etc.
> But that's the problem with compromises designed to appease novices,
> they don't stay contained within just one "newbie friendly" distro, they
> (and the ideals that drove them) spread to others. Before you know it
> there's a package you want, with a hard dependency on something you
> don't - like PolicyKit, and suddenly unprivileged users can install
> packages system-wide without root authentication (real example). If
> enough packages become infected with this hard dependency, eventually
> GNU/Linux will no longer be GNU/Linux - it'll be Windows MkII, and
> people like me will be left with nothing (or the prospect of using
> outdated and unsupported software for the rest of my days).
> My one hope is that there's enough people like me left to create and
> support a GNU/Linux distro that still upholds time-honoured Unix
> paradigms and security principles, but given the vast hoards of
> ex-Windows dilberts flooding into GNU/Linux, I fear we'll be in a tiny
> minority, and ultimately I may be forced to choose between running one
> version or another of "Windows", or giving up computing entirely.

Microsoft APIs are failing (.NET, Mono) and people now expect Linux,
to behave more like a Mac, which can sometimes be UNIXy. Actually,
Ubuntu is starting to assimilate more to the latter. It has also
just dumped the Novell/Ximian Evolution.

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