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Linux Today and the Layoffs

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Microsoft Ads on FOSS Sites

,----[ Quote ]
| Recently, when this same site âlaid offâ practically their whole 
| staff and greatly reduced their content, the issue of Redmondâs 
| ads came up again, with many expressing the opinion that Microsoftâs
| money was behind the move. I can certainly see how it might smell that 
| way, but my experience working at radio stations and newspapers has 
| taught me that odors can be deceiving.
| Microsoftâs money very likely had nothing to do with the layoffs. 
| Even so, this incident has caused me to change my thinking on the 
| subject. The problem is one of perception. Although the actions taken 
| by the site were probably relatively innocent, based on necessity brought 
| about by a weak economy and lack of cash flow, the 
| always-suspicious-of-Microsoft readership was immediately more than 
| willing to jump on the bandwagon and proclaim âthis is what happens when you 
| crawl into bed with Microsoft!â This is a dangerous position for a news 
| organization to find itself in, for when you lose the trust of your readers,
| youâve lost it all.
| This loss of trust isnât entirely unfounded. Even those of us whoâre 
| inclined to defend the site canât be absolutely positive that Ballmer & Company 
| isnât calling at least a few of the shots from behind the curtain. I have
| experienced first hand the undue influence a big spending advertiser 
| can have, both in print and in broadcasting.

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