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Olive Healthcare Embraces GNU/Linux

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Olive Healthcare Slashes IT Costs by Migrating to Linux OS

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| Users in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) often have similar requirements 
| in terms of every-day computing needsâ a user-friendly operating system, 
| office applications, 
| browsing and email applications, and accounting software. Like many other 
| enterprises, Olive Health Care also had a fairly simple work environment, and 
| used the MS Windows 
| operating system, MS Office applications, Internet applications (Web browsers, 
| email clients, etc), and the PHP and MySQL-based ERP system. As far as 
| hardware devices are 
| concerned, the firm used the Epson and HP printers, and multifunction devices 
| that are generally used by SMEs.
| Olive Health Care ventured into the world of soft gelatin formulations by 
| setting up its first manufacturing facility over three decades ago. However, 
| it was only six months back that the company realised that it could bring down 
| costs by implementing Linux in place of Windows. âLinux is not just known as 
| an efficient server operating system, but is now easily adaptable for desktop 
| use also. We knew that migrating to Linux would also mean having to train our 
| staff and acquaint them with the Linux environment,â states Vikram Chauhan, 
| the IT manager. The firm started looking for a Linux-on-desktop solution 
| provider, and the search ended when the Olive IT team interacted with Enjay, a 
| provider of Linux solutions.

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