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Re: Another Review of Pardus GNU/Linux 2011.1

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____/ JeffM on Saturday 16 Jul 2011 20:51 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> :Pardus 2011.1 was [release] on 12th of July,
> :with about a week delay from roadmap plans.
> :
> Gee, if a tiny Free Software operation can do it, why can't
> that multi-billion dollar corporation in the Pacific Northwest?
> ...especially without stripping out everything that is actually NEW
> before shoving it out the door.
> :Image of Pardus 2011.1 weights 1.3 GB,
> :and I could only put it to DVD-RW[...]
> :I do not have USB stick large enough to get this image.
> :[...]Unetbootin is not supported
> :[. . .]
> :Pardus only has KDE version.
> :
> So, this is by no means a lightweight distro.
> The one thing that has always struck me about Pardus is that
> they don't have the boot-to-a-desktop-via-removable-media thing
> that would allow folks to do a test drive of their well-respected
> stuff
> without having to install anything.
> :after boot you are met by infamous Pardus Kaptan
> :who guides you through the configuration steps.
> :
> I haven't heard anything bad about Pardus' wizard.
> I'm wondering if he thinks that "infamous" is formed
> the same way that "inflammable" is.
> :Pardus team gathered together the freshest
> :(still with smell of print press) packages[...]
> :[Was] it worth waiting for few days more
> :to get ability to play with new software? I think yes.
> :
> Taking notes, MICROS~1?
> The little guys have their shit together. Why don't you?
> :To finalize my understanding of Pardus,
> :I tried to boot system once again,
> :choosing Russian language at initialisation menu.
> :I was nicely surprised to see that system worked in Russian
> :without any unfortunate surprises.
> :All the menues, all the texts were in good Russian.
> :
> ...something that Redmond's junk will NEVER do;
> they couldn't press you to buy the same crippled junk over and over
> if they made their crap *actually* utilitarian.

In a sense, it puts Linux users in a position of advantage --
something for them to find solace in.

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		~~ Best of wishes

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