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Re: Another Review of Pardus GNU/Linux 2011.1

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____/ JeffM on Sunday 17 Jul 2011 04:00 : \____

>>JeffM wrote:
>>>:Pardus 2011.1 was [release] on 12th of July,
>>>:with about a week delay from roadmap plans.
>>>Gee, if a tiny Free Software operation can do it, why can't
>>>that multi-billion dollar corporation in the Pacific Northwest?
>>>...especially without stripping out everything that is actually NEW
>>>before shoving it out the door.
> [Identity-stealing piece of shit] wrote:
> You're off to the start I would expect from you, mental midget.
>>- maybe it has something to do with the fact that
>>this tiny software will have a tiny user base
> That doesn't make its security/quality requirements any less.
> Of course, Linux in general and Pardus in particular
> isn't made by a corporation populated by incompetents
> and run by criminals;
> a group that doesn't bother with those sorts of things.
>>Windows on the other hand
> Is a steaming pile time after time after time.
>>gets released to multiple 100's of millions of users
> The word you are looking for is "sheep".
> They don't even realize they have a choice
> and can scrape the crap off their HDDs and replace it
> with something that doesn't get pwned via drive by infections.
>>in countries all over the globe.
> Too bad those sheep get a version that ONLY works in ONE language
> (in contrast to the Linux "hobbyware" which is truly international).
>>if this is too complicated for your retarded little brain to comprehend
>>I can draw you a picture that explains it.
> I'm surprised you could construct all these works
> while using your main toolset--a box of crayons.
> How long did it take your Mommy to type it in for you?
>>think of it this way; getting a product ready for 130 linux geeks
>>is different than preparing a product for a global rollout
>>to 100's of millions of users.
> When MICROS~1's crap stops sucking,
> THEN you will have a point--besides the one on top of your head
> ...but I'm not holding my breath waiting for that to happen.

IIRC, Pardus is used by the Turkish military. It's funded by the state
and written by groups of academics.

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