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Re: What's With the "Desktop" Obsession?

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____/ Ian Hilliard on Monday 18 Jul 2011 18:25 : \____

> On 18/07/11 18:42, Roy Schestowitz wrote:
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>> On Linux Distributions and Desktops
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>> | However, what names come into mind when you think about Desktops? I believe
>> | that in this case, the names which feel most like it are Mac, Windows,
>> | Android, Meego, BeOS, ChromeOS, JoliCloud, and so on. Some of them are
>> | running proprietary OSes, some of them are partly open, and some of them
>> | are actually based on a Linux distribution or a Linux kernel and libraries
>> | stack.
>> |
>> | And finally, what comes into mind when you think about the term âLinux
>> | Desktopâ? Without holy wars and discussion which distribution is better
>> | (notice the word distribution here), I believe that it is hard to escape
>> | from the names as Ubuntu, Mandrake, Linspire, SLED, and similar solutions.
>> |
>> | Some of you perhaps have already got my point. What makes a âDesktopâ is
>> | not a mere combination of packages, applications, community and artwork;
>> | but it is the integration and common feeling among all of its components,
>> | and somewhat inherited desire of having a âstandardâ way of doing
>> | everything. And Linux Distributions, on their turn, inherently have the
>> | essence of freedom of choice, flexibility and multitude of combinations of
>> | applications and goals within, which make them much more flexible on one
>> | hand, but much less focused on another.
>> |
>> | Why Linux distributions will never (in my humble opinion) beat Windows or
>> | MacOS on desktop? By a one simple reason â they are too flexible. They
>> | provide too many options and possibilities by default, without a âstandardâ
>> | way of doing things, and while everything works and is usually tightly
>> | integrated, this is still a combination of packages and applications, and
>> | not a Desktop. This is not a bad thing â by the contrary, I believe that
>> | this is awesome! But this opposite to what is expected from a Desktop
>> | experience.
>> `----
>> http://dodonov.net/blog/2011/07/17/on-linux-distributions-and-desktops/
>> COLA is about "Linux", which is extremely successful. The trolls ignore
>> 90% of the areas.
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> The trolls' desktop obsession is because that is the only place where
> Microsoft still rules. Considering how well Android is doing on phones
> and tablets, it is only a matter of time before Android ends up on
> desktops.
> Microsoft has never been able to innovate. They are looking into the
> abyss without a clue.  It is clear that that all they have left is
> patent trolling. I just hope for the sake of the US economy that this
> patent lunacy soon ends.

If it doesn't, then economies elsewhere will gain the the US' expense.
Adidas too has just been sued, it's not just software companies that
get targeted for selling in the US.

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