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Re: Vista 8 Just a Version Bump

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____/ Chris Ahlstrom on Wednesday 20 Jul 2011 12:53 : \____

> -hh wrote this copyrighted missive and expects royalties:
>> On Jul 19, 8:50?pm, High Plains Thumper <h...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> William Poaster wrote:
>>> > Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>> >> William Poaster on Tuesday:
>>> >>> And as the majority of the web runs on Linux servers (over 60%
>>> >>> according to Ballmer), it makes his statement even more ludicrous.
>>> >> Someone told me it's a lot more than 60% now (Ballmer said 60% 2 years
>>> >> ago and Red Hat grew a lot since then).
>>> > It's quite possible, Roy. :-)
>>> Not "quite", definitely is. It's why the Wintroll vermin are posting their
>>> nasty rants in COLA as a last parting shot, scurrying like a bunch of
>>> cockroaches under a spotlight.
>> An interesting perspective.  Time will tell if it actually is
>> correct.
>> The first part of course is that this totally ignores the question as
>> to why the typical personal computer user even needs to give a damn
>> about what OS happens to be running on his mail server, the local file
>> server, or the remote web server.  Afterall, isn't the only thing that
>> he really needs to care about is if he reliably & promptly his desired
>> data retrieved from these "Cloud-ish" services?    Since it is his
>> local HW+OS+Application that actually presents him with that
>> information across its local UI ... which is what he sees & interfaces
>> with ...  whatever OS that happens to be on the Server doesn't
>> actually interface with what him.
>> In the meantime, I'm Admin on a couple of Linux-based systems...but I
>> recognize that they're simply the "back office IT appliance" stuff
>> that I'm able to utterly ignore 99.99% of the time, just like the
>> crumb tray in my toaster in the kitchen.  Having those systems be
>> reliable is a "Hooray for Linux!", sure, but their pre-Linux
>> predecessors ran weren't profoundly any different - the files/email/
>> pages still got delivered.   For the most part, these systems are
>> being selected based upon other factors (such as price), and for them
>> to have Linux was neither a requirement nor an impediment.   I don't
>> want to claim that it is a coincidence, because it does appear that
>> Linux has TCO advantages today over other Server products:  businesses
>> are compelled to look at the financial bottom line, so when it makes
>> dollars and cents sense to adopt something somewhere, they will....and
>> by complementary action, when it doesn't, they don't.   Thus, Linux is
>> doing well in some avenues and not so well in others.   FWIW, the same
>> holds true for other choices - for example, Apple is MIA from the
>> Server space...yet is doing quite well in the domestic consumer PC
>> (aka "Desktop" segment) market.  Neither observation means that the
>> other sucks - - merely that it doesn't have the relevant compelling
>> advantages to succeed in that segment; to believe or claim otherwise
>> is to fall into the fallacy that all products must be able to do all
>> things for all people - - that's the paradigm that nearly killed
>> Detroit's 'Big 3' (and many others across many other industries).
> Nice post!

And welcome to cola, hh! (never seen hh before)

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