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Re: Vodafone Smart Android smartphone - Budget Googlephone, anyone?

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____/ Homer on Sunday 24 Jul 2011 00:26 : \____

> Verily I say unto thee that Eric Pozharski spake thusly:
>> with <1qjof8-1ec.ln1@xxxxxxxxxx> Homer wrote:
>>> Verily I say unto thee that TomB spake thusly:
>>>> Imagine â3 to â10 going to MS once they decide to blackmail Vodafone
>>>> with patent trolling...
>>> I'd tell them to prove their claims or get stuffed.
>> You would.  I think, that HTC and two others (I don't recall their
>> names) where approached from different direction.  They were told that
>> if they won't comply their computers would cease to work, or their tax
>> avoidance schema would be exposed, or something else along these
>> lines.  Oviously, you can't be blackmailed like this.  And that's why
>> google or ibm can dodge bullets, don't they?
> They're all as bent as nine dollar notes, like every other tax-evading
> American company, so I find it hard to believe any of them could
> blackmail anyone else with something that's equally applicable to
> themselves. And as for IBM, it has a patent portfolio the size and depth
> of the Atlantic ocean, and unlike the bullshit "patented" by the likes
> of Apple (green buttons) and Microsoft (record button), /its/ patents
> are for /actual/ inventions. If anyone so much as sneezed in IBM's
> general direction, it'd crush them like insects.

IBM has some very crap patents. We don't need to defend IBM, a lobbyist
for software patents.

> Google OTOH has the smallest patent portfolio of all the big players,
> which is why every spineless patent troll in Silicon Valley is circling
> it like vultures.

DiBona pretty much (implicitly) confirmed to me by mail that Google is looking to buy
many patents. To Google, it was not a matter of choice.

> If I were trading in the US, I wouldn't waste my time trying to "patent"
> anything either, I'd hire a full-time team of patent lawyers to dig up
> every piece of prior-art in existence, then post it to the USPTO in a
> crate, along with a freshly-laid turd wrapped in a note that read "eat
> this".

The USPTO needs to prove its right to exist. US citizens should realise
it's in their interests to abolish the USPTO now.

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