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Re: Linux-powered PVR for $99: Schestowitz on the Bowl!!!!!!!!!!

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____/ Kari Laine on Friday 05 Aug 2011 20:45 : \____

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> On 08/05/2011 08:29 PM, Gary Stewart wrote:
>> On Fri, 5 Aug 2011 19:19:50 +0200, A. van der Berigheid wrote:
>>> "Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> schreef in bericht
>>> news:3070594.ChMirdbgyp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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>>>> Google TV box price drops to $99
>>>> ,----[ Quote ]
>>> Schestowitz on the Bowl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
>>> Get Ready, Filters up!, Shields up!, Phasers set on stun!, Here comes the
>>> SPAM flood....
>>> Roy Schestowitz is the SPAMKING of comp.os.linux.advocacy
>>> http://groups.google.com/groups/profile?enc_user=xFvp2hoAAAAb4mOWpyzVaW0aq-bp9NGnjj6y1UsWUZHxqbrtGgkPow
>>> http://tinyurl.com/2etnjh
>> Hi lack of importance as a freedom fighter for FOSS and Linux really
>> becomes obvious in his absence.
>> He was away for about 10 days, asked his readers to write articles
>> for Techrights etc.
>> A total of 2 articles were written.
> This actually makes Roy quite a productive writer. It is typical for a
> web site. The owner is supposed to make the greatest effort. It takes
> time to grow an ecosystem around a web site. At least Roy is making an
> effort to build something. Which can't be said about you. You are just a
> noise and probably you don't have a life...
>> That's because nobody gives a shit.
> Well it is just one web site - so ...
> There are millions, you know.
>> He could disappear for good tomorrow and it wouldn't matter to
>> anyone.
>> What a waste of a life.
> If you disappeared it would make a big difference - think about it if
> would ever feel like doing a service for humanity...

Only one person was assigned to write as I trust his opinions that mostly
overlap mine. In previous years when I was on vacation there were 9
posts. Last night out datacentre suffered two power outages, but we still had many
visitors. If the site was insignificant, the trolls would have ignored it.

- -- 
		~~ Best of wishes

Dr. Roy S. Schestowitz (Ph.D. Medical Biophysics), Imaging Researcher
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