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Linux Surrounds Us

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Linux, Linux, everywhere! 

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| Not long ago, I started to realize that Linux is already creeping up on me 
| from all sides. People who have never heard of Linux were raving about it. 
| They were showing me their latest gadgets and telling me how cool they were. 
| After several months of random people going on about their gadgets I did 
| realize that Linux is everywhere and it came upon us from an unusual source. 
| If you haven't figured it out yet, I am talking about Android which is based 
| on the Linux kernel. A lot of people purchasing their latest phones do not 
| know what Linux is or that Android is based on the Linux kernel. However, they 
| are definitely happy with their latest hardware and the many features Android 
| has. Moreover, Android phones are selling in large quantities and are 
| surpassing Blackberry and iPhone sales. This is amazing and the trend seems to 
| be continuing with excellent and solid phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S2. 
| The Galaxy S2 is a gorgeous phone and it is even better than the iPhone 4. 
| Apple will definitely have to come up with many cool new features for the 
| iPhone 5 to be able to compete with the Android Smartphones.

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