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A Look at Linvo GNU/Linux

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Reviews: Here's looking at Linvo, kid

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| Since I got into the Linvo trial to try out their atomic updates, I'd like to 
| talk some more on the subject. Though I haven't had a chance to install it yet 
| there is another project out there with a surprisingly similar objective to 
| Linvo. This other project is called NixOS. NixOS is a small distribution built 
| on top of the Nix package manager, which is designed to make updates atomic 
| and to insure the operating system is always in a usable state. As with 
| Linvo's stated goals, NixOS is said to support multiple users installing 
| different versions of software. Nix also has a roll-back feature. The result 
| is supposed to be a system without global program directories (/usr/bin, 
| /usr/local/bin, etc), instead each version of each package gets its own 
| directory. NixOS is a research project and isn't targeted at home or business 
| users. However, for people who are interested in trying out something 
| different you can learn more from the project's website.

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