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Re: UK considers banning rioters from BBM, Twitter and Facebook

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____/ 7 on Thursday 11 Aug 2011 21:58 : \____

> Hardon wrote:
>> <http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/2101206/uk-considers-banning-
> rioters-bbm-twitter-facebook>
>> <quote>
>> UK PRIME MINISTER David Cameron wants to ban miscreants from using the
>> Blackberry messaging service BBM, Twitter and Facebook in the wake of
>> this week's rioting.
>> Cameron said in his statement in a Commons debate today that the
>> Government is looking at whether it's possible to stop suspected
>> rioters from spreading their messages online.
> According to politicians, they have no idea why people are rioting.
> So how come they know what the fix is?
> The peasants are revolting because they want to steal (despite
> how it all began).
> Rioting to steal is nothing like any other riots ever seen before.
> Previously it used to be rioting for food or rioting
> for poll tax or rioting against cuts.
> This is a new type of rioting that isn't on the political radar.
> It is not going finish tomorrow just because some politicians
> stood there accusing everyone of criminality.
> If people are rioting to steal, then its because people are poor.
> Everything is computerized and so if you are poor, big brother can
> fine you and target you and get you for *everything* no matter
> where you live or what you do even if you got no money
> So how about creating tons of housing to make housing cheap?
> How about getting rid of all the fine creation mechanisms?
> How about reducing copyright laws to 1 year so those that
> can't afford it can copy things and share.
> How about making file sharing legal for copyrighted material
> by letting the ISP share income with copyright holders?
> How about cutting telecomminications rate to flat rate per month
> that includes all the VOIP and youtube you can watch so that
> you don't rack up bills talking to people or getting entertained
> consuming media?
> How about eliminating VAT on electronics goods? Thats where
> the people spend all their money.
> How about writing off every known debt if a person is unemployed
> for more than a year. How about erasing a person's financial history
> by law after 1 year? No more long drawn out
> financial vendettas against people by the state, banks, and money
> lenders.
> What all that is designed to do is put money back in the
> hands of people that are rioting to steal.
> More of the skin deep ideas of sharing is not going
> to work in a highly connected society any more.
>> Home Secretary Theresa May will hold meetings with the Blackberry
>> maker Research in Motion (RIM), Twitter and Facebook to discuss their
>> responsibilities, the Guardian reports.
>> The Prime Minister, who was sunning himself in Italy during much of
>> the rioting, said, "Everyone watching these horrific actions will be
>> stuck by how they were organised via social media. Free flow of
>> information can be used for good. But it can also be used for ill."
>> Clearly he counts BBM as social media, which isn't totally surprising.
>> Cameron pointed out that "police were facing a new circumstance where
>> rioters were using the Blackberry Messenger service, a closed network,
>> to organise riots."
>> "We've got to examine that and work out how to get ahead of them," he
>> added.
>> Any move to ban social networks would mark a huge shift in Britain's
>> internet policy, with free speech advocates unlikely to remain silent
>> in the face of a new wave of censorship in the UK.
>> </quote>
>> Hmm, isn't that what despot regimes tried to do during the arab spring
>> uprisings?

The mistake you make comes from media brainwash, which focuses only on the violent
element and ignores the non-violent element which was present (I saw it in my own 
eyes, old people and young girls too, concerned about their future and not
sure how to organise to make their voice heard).

This was not just looters there. I too was misled at first. Blame Murdoch et al.

Actually, many of those present were white and poor. They had real grievance but no
stage on which to express themselves.

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