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A Look at GNU/Linux Distro WattOS R4

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WattOS R4 â An alternative to Lubuntu

,----[ Quote ]
| I have always been interested in lighter weight desktops, and having a laptop 
| I also am interested in saving power and maximizing battery life. WattOS 
| promises both of these by offering a Lxde desktop. Itâs also based off of 
| Ubuntu 11.04, so it is up to date and has a great amount of packages.
| I do all of my testing in Virtualbox for lack of a spare machine to 
| install to. I dedicated one gigabyte of RAM to Virtualbox for testing 
| out WattOS. Booting from the iso image took two minutes and two seconds,
| which isnât too long of a time, but I have certainly seen better. 
| Still, it was soon up and running with the lxde desktop. The desktop 
| has a nice silver colored panel and a wallpaper with some sort of
| insect clinging to a blade of grass. The icon theme is the ever 
| popular Faenza, and the Openbox theme is the default for Lxde, which
| goes by the name of Onyx. The GTK theme is Clearlooks, which is 
| simple but looks nice with pretty much any setup. The desktop is 
| fast, and did not slow down noticeably even when I ran nearly every 
| pre-included program, something that canât be said about many distributions.

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