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Re: Apple

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____/ Kari Laine on Sunday 14 Aug 2011 21:15 : \____

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> I have been arguing here that Apple is not as innovative as many think.
> About Apple's rise to the stratospheric heights in stock market.
> I think it has topped. I don't own any Apple shares but if I did I would
> sell now. Actually I am not sure whether I own it's stock, cause I
> invest in investments funds.
> Why Apple will start declining?
> Tablet crazy will pass. I plan to buy tablet but I think the hysteria at
> the moment is overboard.
> iPhone. Android is very strong contender and cheap Android phones are
> something Apple can not compete with. HTC and Samsung are coming out
> with such devices. Even though I don't hope much success for Nokia with
> WP7 they will have at least 15-20% market share. And they will compete
> with price. This again put pressure on Apple. There is RIM, of which I
> don't know much.
> iPod, It is only takes time when someone makes a combination of a
> playing device and music store. One service is Spotify and there are
> several.
> Macs, I know one bank in Finland who is considering to replace much of
> it's Windows machines with Macs. Main reason is the security. But anyway
> one does not have a lot of software available on Macs if one compares
> the Windows side or even Linux. The day Microsoft decides not to develop
> Mac version of MS Office will be dire to Apple.
> Also I have understood that success of Apple is very much tied to Steve
> Jobs. Now when he is forced to step down, I don't see as charismatic and
> able CEO to take his place. That's a very big spot to fill...
> So correction is probably going to happen to Apple's valuation.

Apple has a strong brand. But it's merely an integrator. Commodity will
cause it trouble and its patent cartels are falling under federal
investigations already. 

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