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Re: GNU/Linux Desktop Has Been Ahead of Mac OS X and Windows for Ages

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____/ TomB on Tuesday 16 Aug 2011 20:46 : \____

> On 2011-08-16, the following emerged from the brain of Chris Ahlstrom:
>> Roy Schestowitz wrote this copyrighted missive and expects royalties:
>>> Is the Linux Desktop "On Par" With Mac and Windows? No Way!
>>> ,----[ Quote ]
>>>| Where is the Linux desktop going, and where should it go? This is a hot
>>>| topic, and an important one. Unfortunately the discussion usually starts
>>>| from the wrong premise, that the Linux desktop has only recently achieved
>>>| parity with its Mac OS X and Windows cousins. Not so! The Linux desktop has
>>>| been superior since its early days, and would have to go backwards to
>>>| achieve parity.
>> That is definitely my opinion!
> Same here. Whenever I'm on Windows or OSX I can help thinking "is this
> it?". I want my tiling window manager, my 256-color terminal and my
> broad scala of nifty command line tools and applications. /And/ a easy
> to use WIMP environment for the rest of my family ;-)

Windows is a litter box. Apple's is designed for cats. Linux is a box you
can designate to anything your mind requires.

Some people are willing to sit in a pile of poop as long as they can manage 
to send an E-mail here and there... or run their iTooons and listen to a
pop track, then copy it to some iDevice.

People who have a grasp for PCs don't use proprietary operating systems, 
which are a mere compromise. Ask NASDAQ.

- -- 
		~~ Best of wishes

Dr. Roy S. Schestowitz (Ph.D. Medical Biophysics), Imaging Researcher
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