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A Review of Scientific Linux 6.1

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Scientific Linux 6.1 Carbon review - Almost there 

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| Scientific Linux deserves a lot of praise and credit. I think it was the first 
| desktop-oriented RHEL spin that truly offered what normal people need without 
| too much extra fuss. The 5.4 release was truly phenomenal in a time when 
| neither RHEL nor CentOS would mound NTFS partitions without tweaks. Since, 
| version 6.0 has been released, bringing new goods to the table, alongside some 
| early-rushed glitches, which persist into the service pack.
| Overall, Scientific Linux works well - it's fast and stable and modern and can 
| easily be turned into a beautiful and fully functional desktop with everything 
| you need. But it does all of this with a fairly high margin of risk. Users can 
| so very easily make mistakes and ruin their systems. The repository management 
| must not be given to users. It must be centralized. Printing and a weak 
| default collection of programs in the live CD version, that's another pair of 
| faults. Nothing major, but perfection is won by tiny, tiny details. 

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