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Nice Qt-based package manager for GNU/Linux

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AppSet: a refreshingly nice package manager for Arch Linux in the times of app 

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| Iâm a rather outspoken user of Arch Linux after having used and tried many 
| other distributions (MandrakeSoft/Mandriva, Suse, Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, 
| Mint, SLAX, Chakra and even a few others) and I think I got to like the 
| rolling release concept quite a lot. The rolling release concept essentially 
| takes away the notion of milestone release for a Linux distribution and 
| replaces it by incremental and almost continuous updates. Which means that 
| everyday I can update my system and itâs thus almost always running the most 
| recent stable software versions. Note that the upgrade is my choice only, I 
| could stop doing this for 3 weeks instance and that would be fine. Using Arch 
| Linux does not only mean embracing the rolling release distribution model. It 
| also  means being ready to install your system from the command line (granted, 
| you only do that once in theory) which can be tedious but not reall difficult. 
| Another âside effectâ of using Arch Linux is that the distributionâs package 
| management is done entirely through the command line and with the help of the 
| excellent package manager pacman. Pacman is however not a graphical package 
| manager, or rather, it does not come with a default, out of the box graphical 
| front-end. Several of them do exist but it does not seem to be in the culture 
| of Arch Linux to use one on a regular basis. Enter AppSet. AppSet is a very 
| nice graphical package manager written in Qt; it even got me use KDE again on 
| par with Gnome. AppSet does not only run on Arch Linux, it also supports 
| Chakra (a very close fork of Arch Linux) and works in theory with any other 
| packaging system.


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