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GNU/Linux Desktop Deception

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Whatâs Wrong With This Picture?

,----[ Quote ]
| These fail to notice that GNU/Linux does make it on the desktop around the 
| world in particular markets, like the BRIC countries. All of the âreasonsâ 
| vanish when monopolistic control of retail shelves and OEMS is weak. The 
| reasons GNU/Linux makes it on the desktop are many:
|     * the four freedoms work for real people,
|     * because GNU/Linux is Free Software it may be freely copied, lowering the 
|     cost of acquisition for everyone,
|     * there are millions of developers of FLOSS working cooperatively around 
|     the world to deliver software the world needs,
|     * the four freedoms also ensure the software is flexible and can be used 
|     for optimal benefit to users, not restricted by the marketing plans of a 
|     business,
|     * the low cost of acquisition is a huge advantage for the poor, students 
|     and young people who are not rich,
|     * the low cost of acquisition keeps the bulk of expenditures for supply 
|     and distribution in the local economy, where the software is actually 
|     used, maximizing benefits of the activity,
|     * the software works on ARM just as well as it works on old and new 
|     computers of all kinds, and
|     * the software works faster and more reliably because the only objective 
|     for its existence is to run, not to lock-in users to some corporationâs 
|     plan for world domination.

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