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Re: Steve Jobs: control freak, so Linux not suitable..

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____/ JEDIDIAH on Monday 29 Aug 2011 14:08 : \____

> On 2011-08-27, Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> ____/ Homer on Saturday 27 Aug 2011 12:41 : \____
>>> Verily I say unto thee that Roy Schestowitz spake thusly:
>>>> "Engineers looked carefully at Linux, which had already been rewritten
>>>> for use on mobile phones, but Jobs refused to use someone else's
>>>> software."
>>>> http://www.wired.com/gadgets/wireless/magazine/16-02/ff_iphone?currentPage=1
>>> Oh really?
>>> [quote]
>>> Mach is an operating system kernel developed at Carnegie Mellon
>>> University to support operating system research, primarily distributed
>>> and parallel computation. It is one of the earliest examples of a
>>> microkernel. Its derivatives are the basis of the modern operating
>>> system kernels in Mac OS X and GNU Hurd ... most notably Mac OS X using
>>> the XNU operating system kernel which incorporates Mach as a major
>>> component.
>>> [/quote]
>>> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mach_%28kernel%29
>>> When has Apple ever /not/ "used someone else's software"?
>>> What a bunch of pathological liars and revisionists.
>> They take other people's ideas and products, then call these their
>> "own" ("code"/"innovation"/"GUI"etc.).
>    That is the key difference between the GPL and the BSDL and why corporates
> like Jobs might want to avoid the former. The BSDL allows you to take someone
> else's work and act like it's your own. The GPL doensn't.
>    Jobs was probably more concerned than he needed to be. He probably
>    swallowed
> a lot of PHB misinformation about the GPL and thought it would be more of a
> burden than it really would be.
>    The key thing here is whether or not Jobs could take something from the
> commons and then declare that thing his sole and exclusive property. The BSDL
> is perfect for that.

Does anyone know who really made the decision?

>> Jobs might be the world's biggest con artist. He 'stole' very well.

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