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Re: Google Can Makes Linux Tablets Itself

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____/ 7 on Saturday 03 Sep 2011 10:19 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
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>> ____/ 7 on Friday 02 Sep 2011 23:09 : \____
>>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
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>>>> It Makes Sense For Google To Own Motorola's Hardware Business To Build
>>>> Super Cheap Tablets
>>>> ,----[ Quote ]
>>>> | iSuppli estimates the 16GB TouchPad's bill of materials at $296.
>>> I'd like to know who owns iSuppli. Their BOM estimates are fake based
>>> on retail prices of components.
>>> Their fake estimate of cost could be mis-sold to governments
>>> as being the real cost of gadgets to cheat governments
>>> and schools out of money.
>>> All tablets and netbooks cost under UDS100 to make.
>>> They are being sold to suckers with an inflated price by
>>> several hundred dollars per unit.
>>> Governments and education is not suppose to buy units
>>> with mark ups of several hundred percentage points.
>> I thought so as well. Their numbers don't add up. Several tablet makers
>> sell the whole deal (with profit margin) for $199.
> Samsung kick started the whole tablet revolution by introducing to the
> market cheap 7" LCD displays which were initially used as digital
> photoframes. The 7" photoframes were being sold for USD25 at a profit!!!

Wasn't Origami Samsung-made?

> Everyone was quick to realize the netbook could be made for USD100
> and sold at a profit using these displays.
> They made netbooks and sold it just above that price. And then the whole
> micoshaft thing got in the way and everyone got greedy and pushed price up
> to about USD200.
> The original promise of UDS100 netbooks had not gone away
> and was reborn as tablets because the ARM CPUs used in the photoframes
> got so much more powerful in a very short period of time.
> The first USD100 tablets arrived with Android soon after photoframes with
> underpowered ARM CPUs. Then Androids threatened to corner the market. Then
> appil spent a huge wad of money making the iPad and brought to market a
> proper tablet. Then Androids started to get proper CPUs and hardware
> accelerators and won the market back.
> The hardware costs had aways been at the USD100 mark.

Assuming mass production at very, very high volume (like OLPC planned).

> The early years being what they are always sells a proper
> tablet for USD600. But the prices are now down to USD200 for
> a decent capacitive 10" tablet with video accelerators
> for same spec as appil.


> The BOM will always be below USD100. The profits are between
> USD100 and USD200 depending on how you manage to market it.
> Above that price, it is rip off pricing and profits.
> The term rip off probably doesn't apply to brand names like appil
> where what you pay for is the brand.

Even 2 years ago, TechCrunch planned a sub-$200 tablet with Ubuntu.

> But educationalists and governments had better not specify
> appil products for anything based on fake hardware costings
> by iSupply. They are using fake retail prices of components,
> or they are supreme idiots (i.e. dumb fscks using catalog prices),
> or they are in the pay packet of appil and other similar
> retards trying to make a quick buck
> by artificially inflating prices and trying to justify it.

Saying the logo makes you a superior person, or at least insinuating so.

> Any distro maker with USD10,000 in their pocket can go
> make 100 tablets, put their distro on it and sell for USD150
> today. OK I exagurate a little. You need about USD100,000 to take
> care of the infrastructure and tooling costs.
> The greatest opportunity is for factories to set up
> making "tablet fulfilment centers" that make custom tablets,
> install a distro (many to choose http://www.distrowatch.com)
> and get it to market for a fee and then
> the rest is all profits. There is room for hundreds of
> such factories like this today, if not tens of thousands of
> new factories.

But then you need marketing and channel access (e.g. OEMs).

>>>> http://www.businessinsider.com/it-makes-sense-for-google-to-own-
> motorolas-
>>> hardware-business-to-build-super-cheap-tablets-2011-9

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