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Re: Another Glimpse at Future KDE Desktop

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____/ TomB on Sunday 11 Sep 2011 17:56 : \____

> On 2011-09-11, the following emerged from the brain of Roy Schestowitz:
>> Plasma Active: Crunching towards One
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>> Plasma Active aims at creating a desirable user experience for a
>> spectrum of devices, based on a fully Free software stack, developed
>> in the open. The first release is planned for October. In the
>> following article, you can read about the latest status and recent
>> improvements made.
>> `----
>> http://vizzzion.org/blog/2011/09/plasma-active-crunching-towards-one/
> I'm not a KDE fan myself, but the work they're doing to bring
> mainstream GNU/Linux to mobile devices is really great. I can see
> myself using this on a tablet computer one day, having access to all
> the wonderful F/OSS applications I've become accustomed to.
> While it's great that Linux is reaching an awful lot of people through
> Android, I personally am not too wild about the concept, as most of
> the 'apps' available for Android are closed source. Something like KDE
> with its Plasma Active interface is a great fix for this.
> Hopefully it will become trivial to load future tablet computers with
> an alternate OS, perhaps even setting them up to dual boot between
> Android and GNU/Linux.

Elop's attempted murder of MeeGo harmed some KDE ambitions.

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