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Re: Linux "Continues To Take Over The World"

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____/ TomB on Monday 19 Sep 2011 22:41 : \____

> On 2011-09-19, the following emerged from the brain of bbgruff:
>> On Monday 19 September 2011 20:29 TomB wrote:
>>> On 2011-09-19, the following emerged from the brain of bbgruff:
>>>> On Monday 19 September 2011 12:17 Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>>>> ,----[ Quote ]
>>>>>  With 500,000 activations a day, Android is becoming the dominant
>>>>>  player in the mobile eco-system
>>>>> `----
>>>> Do try to stay with the plot, Roy.  Some figures for you:-
>>>>   23 Jun 2010   160.000 new activations per day
>>>>   08 Aug 2010   200,000
>>>>   09 Dec 2010   300,000
>>>>   10 May 2011   400,000
>>>>   28 Jun 2011   500,000
>>>>   14 Jul 2011   550,000
>>>> In addition, the statement was made in July that the rate of
>>>> growth in new activations continues at 4.4% per *week* !  Even
>>>> conservatively, that puts the activation rate now at 750,000 per
>>>> day.  In fact, Android sales/day have probably now overtaken
>>>> Windows sales/day.
>>> Damn, the popularity of Android is just plain crazy. Can you
>>> imagine what it will do to the world of computing once we'll see
>>> more devices like the Asus Transformer, perhaps even with the
>>> possibility of using an Android powered tablet/notebook in a more
>>> traditional desktop setting? The impact will be *huge*.
>>> I know that we, Linux geeks, have been waiting for the death of
>>> Microsoft for a bloody long time (come on, don't deny it - you know
>>> you did :-p ), and this may be just it.
>>> I just hope that Google will stay true to its initial idea of
>>> keeping Android open, and that Ice Cream Sandwich will be
>>> completely open sourced again (so also to the general public - not
>>> only to a select group of OEMs). Then perhaps one day we can say
>>> that the most popular 'desktop' operating system on earth is open
>>> source :-)
>> I can see that at least one other person here is thinking as I am
>> :-)
>> Just one point, Tom.  It's not the "death of Microsoft" I've been
>> hoping to see, but rather the death of the Microsoft monopoly.
> A very good distiction to make, and yes, that's more how I feel too.
> As far as I'm concerned, MS can happily co-exist with all the other
> options on the market.
>> It's a bit like my feelings on browsers some 7 years or so ago.  At
>> one point, I.E. user-share was in the order of 95% - and then
>> Firefox came along.  I said then that what I'd like to see was 4 or
>> 5 browsers with a substantial share, but with *none* having a share
>> of more than 50%, and ideally less.
>> We got that, though I.E. is still a tad on the high side - but still
>> going down.  Now I'd like to see it happen with OSs, both desktop
>> and mobile.  The key imo - Open Standards :-)
> I just hope that Android doens't become the 'new Windows'...

The main problem with Windows is not that it's widespread. 

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