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Re: C++11 in KDE 5

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____/ Chris Ahlstrom on Sunday 25 Sep 2011 19:13 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote this copyrighted missive and expects royalties:
>> ____/ Chris Ahlstrom on Sunday 25 Sep 2011 13:21 : \____
>>> I've been migrating my home/OSS code, XPC, to Visual Studio 2010 this
>>> weekend, hypocrite that I apparently am, and I have to tell you I am
>>> heartily *sick* of dealing with Visual Studio 2010.
>>> Configuring a project with it if you don't want its by-default stdafx
>>> crap is a very stressful experience.  Not any more stressful than, say,
>>> GNU autotools, when it comes to figuring out what settings you need.
>>> But much more stressful in the mere *editing* of the settings.
>>> With VS, you have to either hand-edit some dense XML code, and be very
>>> careful not to break it, or you have to deal with one of the stupidest
>>> GUI configuration interfaces I have ever encountered, which requires you
>>> to deal with tiny text-edit fields, list-boxes with slightly different
>>> interfaces, menus that are so big you have to scroll them vertically or
>>> remember the hot keys, and references and dependencies that don't always
>>> work.
>>> And you have to constantly shift between Debug, Release, and All
>>> Configurations settings, being ever watchful that you've got the right
>>> one in force when you make a configuration change.
>>> Awful.  Simply awful.  Give me a Makefile.am with vi any day.
>>> And speed?  My God, even building multiple VS projects from the
>>> command-line using MSBuild, the code building is astoundingly slow
>>> compared to gcc/g++ on Linux.  And the dependency resolution?  Not only
>>> is it often broken in VS/MSBuild, it is as slow as hell.
>>> The difference in speed between GNU build tools on Linux and Microsoft
>>> build tools on Windows XP is astounding.
>> I never used Visual Studio 2010, but from your description of it this sounds
>> like another hard-to-use Microsoft program (complexity for a price, like
>> Ribbon).
>> Linux/GNU: easy.
>> Windows/Microsoft: mess.
>> Thanks for reassuring this...
> Well, VS does have a lot of functionality.  And, if you're willing to
> let it tell you how to structure your project, it is a little more
> tractable.
> Although I have to laugh at the VS projects I see, where the project
> directories are doubled up:
>    C:/MyCompany/MajorProject/MinorLibrary/MinorLibrary/MinorLibrary.vcproj
>                              ------------ ------------

CamelCase MicroSoft. Poor things... :-)
> One of our projects (not one I was one) suffered from this doubling up,
> with deep enough nesting that the pathnames were right at the limit of
> Windows (260 chars IIRC).

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