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Trisquel GNU/Linux in Review

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Trisquel GNU/Linux - Free Software and Gorgeous

,----[ Quote ]
| Welcome to Trisquel GNU/Linux! I've been wanting to write this for a long 
| time, because trying this distribution really feels inviting. Trisquel 
| GNU/Linux is as you can see by the naming convention one of the few 
| distributions fully endorsed by the Free Software Foundation, and in return 
| they're doing a lot to promote the FSF and their principles on their website. 
| If you're yawning already, hold steady and read on, because Trisquel looks 
| sharp and has something to offer.
| Trisquel is available for i686 and x86_64 architectures, and is drawing from 
| both Debian and Ubuntu, a fact which became immediately apparent when booting. 
| To celebrate Software Freedom Day 5.0 was released on 17th September which has 
| become an annual tradition for the project. The main and so far only edition 
| was using GNOME, but since 4.5.1 in May this year there's also a Trisquel Mini 
| edition using LXDE, and we have been promised that a KDE using image for 5.0 
| is on the way. For more advanced needs like disk encryption, RAID/LVM or 
| server setups a netinstall image is also available. Since I have a 64-bit 
| capable machine I downloaded the CD sized image trisquel_5.0_amd64.iso (696 
| MB).

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