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Next Ubuntu GNU/Linux Just 10 Days Away

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The countdown to Oneiric Ocelot begins, Ubuntu 11.10 arrives October 13th

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| A whole new world? A whole new computer? Those are some pretty epic promises 
| coming from the folks at Canonical, especially since we've seen the most 
| recent beta and Ubuntu 11.10 and, while its packed with welcome improvements 
| over Natty, it's not exactly revolutionary. Still, we're excited that on 
| October 13th the final release of Oneiric Ocelot will be hitting the web with 
| an improved Dash that integrates search Lenses, new default apps, a spiffed-up 
| app switcher and application syncing across multiple devices. There are plenty 
| of other little tweaks and improvements that add polish to the popular Linux 
| distribution -- more than we could possibly cover without inspiring a string 
| of TLDR comments. If you're the adventurous type you can download the second 
| beta now, but we suggest you wait till the timer at the source link reaches 
| zero. If you want to spread the Gospel of Ubuntu you'll also find a printable 
| flyer at the source with a QR code and tear-off URL strips that lead to 
| ThisIsTheCountdown.com. 

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