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Re: Nokia "bids to sell a billion of such under-$100 [Linux] device."

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____/ 7 on Monday 03 Oct 2011 20:26 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
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>> Nokia to Impose Price Cuts on Smartphones with Linux-based Mobile OS
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>> | Nokia, the largest cellular phone manufacturer in the world, is
>> | developing a Linux-based mobile OS that will power its low-cost
>> | smartphones as it bids to sell a billion of such under-$100 device.
>> | 
>> | The Nokia OS project called "Meltemi" and led by executive vice
>> | president Mary McDowell, was revealed by the Wall Street Journal on
>> | Thursday.
>> `----
>> http://au.ibtimes.com/articles/223442/20111003/nokia-nokia-news-meltemi-project-nokia-smartphones-sea-ray.htm
> Sounds to me like failed management at Mokia
> is setting up Linux to be their fall guy for
> their next spectacular billion dollar failure.
> Once this is failure is pushed through by the
> existing management who are simply the most inept
> management around, they will be able to sell
> Mokia to micoahft for $10 and collect their back handers.
> If Mokia mole Elop's plans are to be torpedoed,
> then the current managers and investors of Mokia
> need to sack Elop mole, eliminate all his
> henchmen that have burrowed deep into Mokia,
> and then you got half a chance of success.
> Make it full chance of success by recruiting
> and giving a free hand to proven Linux veterans
> who can turn Mokia back into Nokia and a powerful
> company with massive profits. After all, other
> Linux companies reguarly do this like Samsung
> for example.
> By the way, Mokia investors should check if US diplomatic services
> had contacted your board members before and
> after Elop mole burrowed in. It appears
> most of this kind of operations are done
> with the assistance of US diplomatic services
> being ordered by Micoshaft to help them out:
> Cablegate summary of Micoshaft and Appil actions against Linux and open
> source
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> http://www.cablegatesearch.net/
> Cablenet opens an eye into how micoshaft and appil constantly abuse
> diplomats who then go and bully foreign governments
> on their behalf.
> Put in search terms for micoshaft, appil, and other companies
> and you got some idea that just the two companies
> micoshaft and appil alone take up
> some 5% of all US embassy communications!!!
> WTF?!!!
> The US diplomatic service is da bitch of Appil and
> Micoshaft crocporations now?
> You can imagine how this works.
> Lets say the Philippine government decided to go open source.
> http://www.congress.gov.ph/download/basic_15/HB01011.pdf
> This is what they are doing right now.
> So what does micoshaft and appil do today? They contact the US embassy
> to have have meetings and express their opinions. In short
> they are instructing the US diplomats to go
> and pick a fight with Philippine government.
> Naturally the US diplomats with their super powerful resources
> go to war with their host government
> and do as they are told because terrorists and other mundane
> business is unimportant compared to just these two companies
> and what they told them to do.
> The end result is the host government looses their important
> self determination in choice about computers and operating
> systems under threats by US diplomats and choose to water
> down their ambitions and give in to micosahft/appil axle of evil driven
> crap like we see in Tunisia and Argentina where US diplomats are
> seen to be directly involved in interfering with IT purchasing
> decisions of a foreign government.
> You could imagine that the Philippine government as well as
> many other governments around the globe are being
> targeted on a daily basis if 5% of all diplomatic
> communications is to do with appil and micoshaft  instructing
> what US diplomats should be doing for micosahft/appil.
> The losers are US companies like RedHat and its investors
> and free software and open source software companies
> that are being specifically targeted by this sort of industrial
> action of a most stupid and unlawful kind.
> I would urge all governments to look again to see if they
> or its citizens, politicians, judiciary and its own diplomats
> are all victims of appil/micoshaft crocporation and their
> illegal industrial action through mis-use of US diplomatic
> services. If you are, I would suggest hauling a few
> of these companies executives through the courts
> to send them packing and to extract promises they will never
> again use or abuse diplomatic services of the US government
> to further their industrial goals on sovereign territory.

There are much better examples of anti-FOSS kowtowing in Cablegate.

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		~~ Best of wishes
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