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Re: Leading GNU/Linux Desktop Distributions Compared (Mageia, Mandriva)

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____/ Peter KÃhlmann on Wednesday 05 Oct 2011 22:22 : \____

> Ender2070 wrote:
>> On Wednesday, October 5, 2011 3:06:07 PM UTC-4, Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>> 2005 specs are too old for Vista and its siblings, Vista 7 and Vista 8.
>>> So it's XP (2001) or Linux. Come on, go pay Intel some more money !!
>> Really? Are you sure that isn't too old for a modern distro?
>> Linux uses about 500mb of ram if you're running Gnome, XFCE or KDE...
>> (half as much as Vista's 1.28GB and 7's ~1GB)
> This is wrong.
> I run KDE4, along with mysql, festival and other ram-demanding processes.
> Even then, all combined use less than 250MBytes of RAM
> If one uses a standard KDE4 setup linux will use less than 150MBytes
> If you cut down on some of the graphics effects you are down to 120 MBytes
> Easily verifyable if you start it in a virtual machine and change the RAM
> settings while observing swap usage
> Naturally it will run faster if you give more RAM to it, because linux tends
> to use *all* available RAM for buffers.
>> XP uses ~100mb (I once ran it on a machine with 64mb of ram, but it
>> crawled)
> It crawls on 128MBytes, too. Starting anything bigger than WinMine will
> bring it to screeching halt due to swapping

X Server in KDE4 (over here at least) always takes the most RAM,
with an NVidia binary driver and two large screens
with Composite enabled. Plasma-desktop is a few tens of megabytes
and many of the rest are 1-5 MB processes. A fresh KDE session on here
is about 700 MB with lots of the fancy stuff enabled. If you remove that stuff
I reckon it'll drop to 300MB. On another desktop, Debian with KDE 4.5 and one
screen (Intel driver), a session with a plethora of apps and widgets stays under
500 MB. This is snappy enough for usage. The machine only has this much RAM in 
total. In 2003-2008 I used KDE3 (3.1-3.5) with just 500 MB of RAM to do all
my COLA postings, E-mail, browsing, research, work, music, games, etc.

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