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Homer Pays Tribute to Steve Jobs

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Good Riddance Steve Jobs

,----[ Quote ]
| But no, it wasn't Gandhi, nor indeed anyone of even the slightest nobility. It 
| was a patent extortionist with an apparent objection to altruism, called Steve 
| Jobs. Even El Presidente fawned over this selfish racketeer, like he was the 
| new messiah, or something...
| [...]
| According to the CIA World Factbook, 160,521 people die every day. Steve Jobs 
| was just one of them.
| I bet very few of the other 160,520 people who died that day ever made 
| sinister threats to âgo afterâ an altruistic software project like Theora, or 
| ran around suing everyone for making ârounded rectanglesâ and âgreen phone 
| iconsâ. I bet they also donated a helluva lot more to charity than Jobs too, 
| given that he apparently had some kind of objection to it, which is sort of 
| like having an objection to love and compassion. Or how about the time Jobs 
| bribed the police to act like they were his private security agency, to kick 
| down the front door to a journalist's home, seize his property and interrogate 
| him like a criminal, just because of some crap iGadget accidentally lost by an 
| Apple employee, after that journalist had already voluntarily contacted Apple 
| and returned it to them?
| So given the sort of monster Steve Jobs was, witnessing the spectacle of 
| everyone from Joe Blogs to El Presidente gushing over him, like a bunch of 
| schoolgirls at a rock concert, is absolutely sickening.
| [...]
| As for being a âvisionaryâ ... the only âvisionâ Jobs ever had was the one he 
| nicked from Xerox PARC. From that point forward he made a career out of 
| shamelessly stealing others' ideas, shoehorning them into shiny but otherwise 
| dysfunctional and DRM-infested toys, then branding an Apple logo on them 
| (ironically also nicked, from the Beatles). And then to add insult to 
| plagiarism, Jobs fraudulently stamped his âIPâ seal on those âshamelessly 
| stolenâ ideas, then embarked on a hypocritical and vicious rampage of 
| litigation. How's that for gratitude? Add that to the litany of virtues Jobs 
| didn't subscribe to.

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