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Re: Google home page today

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____/ Homer on Friday 07 Oct 2011 21:41 : \____

> Verily I say unto thee that chrisv spake thusly:
>> As much as Apple enthusiasts may enjoy Job's toys, Free software has
>> benefitted the world *far* more.
> For the anti-Linux nuts who don't understand that statement (because
> they think like consumers who can't see beyond the "desktop"), they
> should consider this:
> How many enterprise and embedded market products benefit from anything
> ever made by Apple?
> In fact, how much of what we do with computers, or even generic consumer
> devices, today is in any way dependent on Apple?
> Now, answer those same questions for Free Software.
> Apple isn't a technology company, it's a fashion statement.

An accessories label. Gucci doesn't make fabrics. It labels them and makes
a lot of money.

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