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Re: Reality Check (Apple)

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____/ Chris Ahlstrom on Saturday 08 Oct 2011 01:09 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote this copyrighted missive and expects royalties:
>> What Everyone Is Too Polite to Say About Steve Jobs
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>>| In the name of protecting children from the evils of erotica ??? "freedom
>>| from porn" ??? and adults from one another, Jobs has banned from being
>>| installed on his devices gay art, gay travel guides, political cartoons,
>>| sexy pictures, Congressional candidate pamphlets, political caricature,
>>| Vogue fashion spreads, systems invented by the opposition, and other things
>>| considered morally suspect.
>>| Apple's devices have connected us to a world of information. But they don't
>>| permit a full expression of ideas.
>> `----
>> http://gawker.com/5847344
> Steve Jobs was not a nice man, though he did some good things.
>    Indeed there were things Jobs did while at Apple that were deeply
>    disturbing. Rude, dismissive, hostile, spiteful: Apple
>    employees--the ones not bound by confidentiality
>    agreements--have had a different story to tell over the years
>    about Jobs and the bullying, manipulation and fear that followed him
>    around Apple. Jobs contributed to global problems, too. Apple's
>    success has been built literally on the backs of Chinese workers,
>    many of them children and all of them enduring long shifts and the
>    specter of brutal penalties for mistakes. And, for all his talk of
>    enabling individual expression, Jobs imposed paranoid rules that
>    centralized control of who could say what on his devices and in his
>    company.
>    . . .
>    Before he was deposed from Apple the first time around, Jobs already
>    had a reputation internally for acting like a tyrant. Jobs regularly
>    belittled people, swore at them, and pressured them until they
>    reached their breaking point. In the pursuit of greatness he cast
>    aside politeness and empathy. His verbal abuse never stopped. Just
>    last month Fortune reported about a half-hour "public humiliation"
>    Jobs doled out to one Apple team ...

How *dare* you spoil his name?

Remember when Michael Jackson died and it became non-PC to mention
his blunders with kids.

When Jerry Falwell died it was "tactless" to criticise him for the pain
and suffering (and probably death inc. suicide) this man caused
while becoming a tycoon riding a scam.

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