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Latest Bodhi Linux Assessed

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Linux dark autumn clouds - Bodhi Linux is there!

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| Not only for Windows, but also for Linux the hour of truth comes near. 
| October-November are months with new releases and upgrades. Let's forget about 
| Windows 8 for now; it's still an early Beta. However Ubuntu 11.10 and Linux 
| Mint 12 will come out soon. So are updated desktops: Gnome and KDE to name but 
| two. It's no secret that I am still not convinced that the Gnome based Gnome 3 
| shell and Ubuntu's Unity desktops are matured enough to compete with either 
| Windows 8 Beta or Apple's OSX. What's more, I still don't like either of the 
| two. So do many more Linux-users. The one UI fails this here, the other is 
| messy there, which isn't inspiring and inviting me to even test these 
| releases. I am running Mint 11 for now and will continue to do so with its 
| 'old', but for me far more productive, more flexible Gnome 2 desktop, better 
| suited to run production software.

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