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Re: Why Android are unimpressed with 4S

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____/ RonB on Monday 10 Oct 2011 02:06 : \____

> Why Android Owners Aren`t Impressed By iPhone 4S
> As the iPhone 4S prepares to hit store shelves, there are many Apple fans
> around the world that are excited to finally get their hands on it. Sure,
> it might not be the long-rumored iPhone 5, but itâs the next-best thing
> for many folks. And when it comes to Apple products, even the next-best
> thing is a worthwhile purchase for millions of people around the globe.
> But for Android owners, thatâs not necessarily the case. Quite the
> contrary, Android owners arenât all that impressed with the iPhone 4S, and
> see it more as a derivative addition to the mobile space, rather than
> something that the average person feels is truly groundbreaking. After
> all, those folks might say, they have handsets theyâre already using that
> deliver much of the functionality being offered in the iPhone 4S. And in
> some cases, the devices offering that functionality are cheaper than
> Appleâs own option. Simply put, the iPhone 4S might not be for everyone,
> especially those who already own the latest Android-based products. Hereâs
> a look at why the iPhone 4S isnât impressing Android fans.
> ~~
> http://tinyurl.com/5rsrsoc
> The reasons (the original article has a slide show)...
> 1. Screen size (3.5" doesn't compare)
> 2. No real 4G in the Apple
> 3. You can already choose any carrier with Android
> 4. Android users find Android superior to iOS
> 5. Better notifications? Android had it from the beginning
> 6. More form factors -- choice counts
> 7. Internals aren't impressive enough. Just catching up with Android
> 8. Android has closed the gap on apps
> 9. Pricing premium and cheap Android phones -- choice counts
> 10. Many don't like Apple anyhow -- patent extortion hurts Apple
> There is no physical QWERTY keyboard on any Apple iPhone. Everything else
> being equal, that alone would make me choose an Android. But their are two
> other features not mentioned. Exchangeable batteries, and memory slots.
> Apple doesn't have them -- if you want more memory you've got to buy a
> more expensive phone. If you want to replace a battery you have to have
> Apple do it for you. Ridiculous.

Apple started suing (attacking) Android too late. The
inertia Android had gained was too much and Apple is no
longer leader (if you aggregate Android sellers).

With many sub-$200 Android tablets and one in India ($35-62)
to each millions, the same will happen in tablets.

It wasn't just Jobs who died last weeks. Many jobs in Apple
will wither over the coming decade. Apple does not have 
a monopoly over hardware components, just brands.

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