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Re: Free Software Free Society

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____/ bbgruff on Monday 10 Oct 2011 16:50 : \____

> On Monday 10 October 2011 11:29 Chris Ahlstrom wrote:
>>    http://shop.fsf.org/product/free-software-free-society-2/
>>    Free Software Free Society: Selected Essays of Richard M. Stallman,
>>    2nd Edition
>>    This book collects the writing of Richard Stallman in a manner that
>>    will make its subtlety and power clear. The essays span a wide range,
>>    from copyright to the history of the free software movement. They
>>    include many arguments not well known, and among these, an especially
>>    insightful account of the changed circumstances that render copyright
>>    in the digital world suspect. They will serve as a resource for those
>>    who seek to understand the thought of this most powerful
>>    man--powerful in his ideas, his passion, and his integrity, even if
>>    powerless in every other way. They will inspire other who would take
>>    these ideas, and build upon them.
>> Looks like I'll need to refresh my copy (I've got the first edition).
>> It's a worthy read, though one of the essays seems to be to be built on
>> shaky premises.
> Thanks for the link, Chris.
> I thought it was a bit odd that it should be priced at $20, but then I
> realised that was the pulp version, and I was being offered the alternative
> in PDF (what else?!) format for downloading.
> I'll read it.... when I get around to it.
> Now I have a moral dilemma - would Stallman approve of me sending the PDF to
> my Kindle?
> Thinking about it, the question is a silly one - he advocates my freedom to
> do just as I like with it?:-)

Richard Stallman is a political character. To understand his unusual software
stance one has to be aware of social/economic impacts.


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