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KDE Backed by Google

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KDE's Summer of Achievements 

,----[ Quote ]
| KDE took part in its 7th year as a mentoring organization for the Google 
| Summer of Code. Thanks to Google's generous funding and KDE's mentors we were 
| able to work with 51 students over the summer, once again making KDE the 
| largest organization taking part in Google Summer of Code. Choosing the right 
| students was hard but the selection turned out well. The students coded in 
| nearly all areas of KDE from Calligra and Rekonq to Amarok and KStars. Their 
| projects turned out very well, and we've once again been impressed with the 
| talent and dedication of the students. All 51 students passed their mid-term 
| evaluation and 47 successfully passed their final evaluation. Valorie 
| Zimmerman, KDE Administrator for Google Summer of Code, says: âKDE got forty-
| seven completed projects, which is tremendous. Our focus though is not on the 
| code itself, but on the students and their involvement with KDE. However, 
| their projects enrich KDE immensely, and youâll be seeing their code 
| integrated into our codebase over the next few months. â

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