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Re: Vista 8 Will be Windows 1.0

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____/ chrisv on Wednesday 12 Oct 2011 19:27 : \____

> Marti Van Lin wrote:
>>> | Microsoft has made it clear that it considers Windows 8's Metro interface
>>> | and applications to be the future. When I look at Metro, however, I see
>>> | gaudy colors, boxy designs, applications that can either run as a small
>>> | tile or as full screen with no way to resize or move windows. Where have I
>>> | seen this before? Wait, I know! Windows 1.0.
>>> |
>>> | Twenty-five years of user-interface development and this is what we get?
>>> | Scary.
>>LOL, KDE and Canonical's Unity kick the Sh1t out of Windows "Retro" Tiles.
> Well, what can we expect from M$, the bloated bureaucracy that took a
> year to design a "shutdown" gadget?
> http://moishelettvin.blogspot.com/2006/11/windows-shutdown-crapfest.html

In Windows, you still need to press "Start" to shut down. Very intuitive!

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