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Re: Dennis Ritchie deceased at the age of 70

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____/ Ramon F Herrera on Sunday 16 Oct 2011 20:39 : \____

> You know the e-mail of GNU/FSF. Ask them. The MIT president was either
> Paul Gray or Charles Vest:
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Template:MIT_Presidents
> At the time, Microsoft products were all but banished from the school.
> The students/researchers executed their complicated calculations for
> days, on Crays, DECs, SPARCs and machines running on Un*x. Those beat
> the crap of DOS/Win3.1 in performance. When their results were ready,
> they wrote their doctoral papers with beautiful Greek symbols on Macs
> (or the occasional NeXT): Those beat the crap of M$ in user
> friendliness. It was a defenestrated environment. In a world without
> doors, who needs windows?
> Every once in a while, a graduate student would come to me, with some
> DOS floppies in his hands. He would tell me that in his undergrad
> school -say in Egypt- they only had DOS/Windows computers, all his
> work was on those floppies and PCs is all he knew.
> I told them: the only PC in the department is that one on the floor
> behind you. We use it as a door holder. Feel free to try to make it
> work: it is not connected to the network, and will never be.
> -Ramon

That's nice to know. Thanks for the story about how companies that were
using Free software (but not sharing their own) viewed GNU.

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