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Re: Isn't Linux supposed to "just work"? apt-get install ?

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____/ Marti Van Lin on Tuesday 18 Oct 2011 23:30 : \____

> On 19-10-11 00:15, Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> Hash: SHA1
>> ____/ Marti Van Lin on Tuesday 18 Oct 2011 22:51 : \____
>>> On 18-10-11 23:39, Marti Van Lin wrote:
>>>> On 18-10-11 19:07, JEDIDIAH wrote:
>>>>> On 2011-10-12, Ralph Seaman<semen190092@xxxxxxxxx>  wrote:
>>>>>> We keep hearing over and over again about how installing Linux
>>>>>> applications "just works". Of course people who aren't lying SOB
>>>>>> Linux zealots know better, but here is a typical example of what the
>>>>>> average user is up against.
>>>>>> Oh and BTW, this is that Linux icon Roy Schestowitz attempting this
>>>>>> and like has been said already, anyone thinking of hiring this idiot
>>>>>> to maintain their systems has got to have a screw loose, as you will
>>>>>> see.
>>>>>> roy@roy:~$ apt-get install rekonq
>>>>>> (even *I* know what he did wrong here :)
>>>>>> schestowitz E: Could not open lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open
>>>>> Trying to run a system command as a normal user perhaps?
>>>>> Your errors are probably just basic Unix system security doing it's
>>>>> thing.
>>>>> If you can't handle the command line, use the GUI menu. It will even
>>>>> prompt you for the necessary password when the time comes. There's no
>>>>> reason to sabotage yourself.
>>>> Nope, Roy clearly has an instance of Synaptic, MUON, PackageKit or the
>>>> likes open on his desktop.
>>>> What happens here is that the package database is in use by another
>>>> process and thus access is denied.
>>> Oops I forgot to add: this also happens while a software update is in
>>> progress. The update manager has the package database in use then and
>>> thus access is denied, until the GUI package/update manager is terminated.
>> "Ralph Seaman" is just another one of _hundreds_ of fake names of Gary
>> Stewart, who is stalking IRC channels and taking things out of context.
> Yeah, I was responding to JEDIDIAH, didn't even see the troll's OP.
> Just wanted to prove that there is /no problem/ at all. Just normal
> behavior.
> Cheers

These trolls are very stupid. They only attract more people these

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