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Re: WP7 Phone Sales "dismal"

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____/ Homer on Thursday 20 Oct 2011 00:51 : \____

> Verily I say unto thee that Hardon spake thusly:
>> On Tue, 18 Oct 2011 23:19:51 +0000, RonB wrote:
>>> As if we didn't already know. Total sales of 1.4 million in over a
>>> year.  In less any three days of the year, more Android phones sold
>>> than all of WP7 sales.
>> Didn't they give each employee a WP7 phone? That's ~100k accounted
>> for. The majority of the rest are probably sitting on shelves.
> Well Microsoft counts channel-stuffing as "sales", so that very likely.
>> I have yet to see one in the wild.
> I've yet to hear anyone even mention them, in real life. It's the
> Zzzzune all over again.

WP7 will die along with Silverlight/WPF. They need to pretend to have 
products, otherwise they qualify as patent troll.

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