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Re: Linux Has Majority Market Share in Asian Smartphones Market

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____/ bbgruff on Monday 24 Oct 2011 18:34 : \____

> On Monday 24 October 2011 13:43 Hadron wrote:
>> You mean the phones sold do. Andoird doesnt because its free. Remember?
>> That idiot bbgruff explained it a million times. LOL!
> Do explain that statement if you can, hadron - and preferably *before* you
> hit the bottle.
> Not only do I believe that you haven't a bloody clue what you are talking
> about, but I also don't believe that you've ever understood anything that I
> wrote.

The "Hadron" bully is just here to raise the temperature. If it was a real
person and not some nym, it would be shouting like a madman yet get ignored
by everyone around (like some man I saw at the City Centre yesterday). :-)

"Hadron" is in my killfile because it's just noise, insults that are not
even funny.

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		~~ Best of wishes
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