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Re: KDE4: "Linux and FOSS are taking the lead"

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____/ chrisv on Thursday 27 Oct 2011 13:11 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>> Chris Ahlstrom spake thusly:
>>> Yeah, Ellison probably taught Jobs everything he knew about how to be an
>>> evil bastard. After all, Jobs was a guru-meditating, LSD-snorkelling
>>> hippy-communist before he met Litigation Larry. OK, so he was also a
>>> liar and cheat who stole $2,150 from his best friend, and abandoned his
>>> newborn daughter to starve on welfare, but hey, nobody's perfect, right?
>>When Lisa is brought into it, the Apple cultists say it's unfair to
>>bring up. The matter of fact is, understanding one's ethics (or
>>lack thereof) can help draw conclusions that are broader.
> All that's OK, but some controversial musings on human sexuality makes
> someone "vile" and beneath contempt.  Sure.

IIRC, Jobs warned to disown his daughter, so he lied about being sterile (before
having his next 3 kids). Let's all take inspiration from Stephen God Jobs.

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