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Re: Why Steve Jobs Was Wrong

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____/ RonB on Friday 28 Oct 2011 00:16 : \____

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> Why Steve Jobs Was Wrong About Android Being a 'Stolen' Product
> One of the many revelations in the biography of Steve Jobs from author
> Walter Isaacson is Jobs' assertion that Android was a "stolen product."
> According to Hayley Tsukayama's report in The Washington Post, Jobs was
> furious about Android and vowed to spend all of Apple's cash to destroy
> it. The problem is Jobs was wrong about Android. Or if he's right, then
> the iPhone was also a stolen product.
> The reason that Steve Jobs was wrong is fairly simple to see if you've
> watched technology product development over the years. Nearly every
> product grows on the work done before it and the iPhone (and iPod Touch)
> are no exception. Apple created a very nice design for the iPhone, a
> design that was innovative, included new ways of doing things and most of
> all was attractive. But the iPhone was a derivative of other products, and
> while it was an improvement over what came before it (as it should be), it
> still depended on the ideas developed in those earlier products.
> You have to ask yourself what it was that Jobs thought made Android a
> stolen product. Was it the user interface of icons on a screen that
> launched applications when touched? Palm had that feature years before
> Apple ever had a phone. Was it the touch-screen? Palm had that, too,
> although it worked better if you used a stylus, but then, so does the
> iPhone. Was it the third-party applications? Several handheld devices had
> that long before the iPhone, including some Windows-driven phones as well
> as those from Palm. Was it the integration of email and the personal
> digital assistant? There were a lot of those out there, too, including the
> BlackBerry devices.
> So what exactly is it that Jobs thinks Android took from Apple? The sleek
> look of the device? Can you patent that? The thin profile? The touch
> keyboard? Apple didn't invent any of those things, although the company's
> designers did a masterful job of integrating them into a single product.
> Perhaps, it was the ability to play music on your device? Nope, Apple
> wasn't first with that, either.
> So why is it that Steve Jobs was so willing to blow his company's cash
> reserves on an endless marketing and legal campaign to destroy this
> product? Was it perhaps a statement of Steve Jobs' famous temperament?
> Perhaps it was his belief that only Apple could have good ideas? It's hard
> to tell now that Jobs is gone, but Jobs was famous for his temperament as
> related by Doug Hardy in Forbes.
> ~~
> http://tinyurl.com/3gdohmx
> Only Apple thinks they have the right to borrow ideas that then -- somehow
> -- become their exclusive property. What a worthless, piece of shit
> company.

Android is not a stolen product, it's a stealing product. It stole
Apple's thunder.

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