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Re: Microsoft's Jail Boot Scam Leads to Action From GNU/Linux Vendors

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____/ Homer on Friday 28 Oct 2011 21:35 : \____

> Verily I say unto thee that William Poaster spake thusly:
>> According to Microsoftâs presentation at //BUILD/2011, Secure Boot
>> will be âRequired  for Windows 8 clientâ. While the UEFI specification
>> does not recommend a  specific implementation, Microsoft has a
>> preferred solution (outlined  on this blog post)  which does *not give
>> the user full control over what software that is approved* to run on
>> their PC. This is the real issue for users.
>> Any new Windows 8 PC will have Secure Boot switched âONâ when it
>> leaves the shop and will be able to boot Microsoft approved software
>> only.
>> So, you bought a PC with Win8 on it, & you think *you* own it? Well
>> obviously M$ would disagree with that.
> [quote]
> The ability to disable secure boot restrictions is vital to ensure
> Linuxâs continued ability to run on a wide range of platforms. If users
> cannot disable secure boot, then fewer platforms will be able to run
> open source operating systems. Additionally, open source software
> developers will no longer be able to build and test modified (and
> therefore not signed) software on these restricted platforms.  If the
> process required to disable secure boot is difficult for non-technical
> users, then we risk restricting use of unsigned software to a small
> portion of the market.  Currently it is up to each OEM as to whether or
> not to create a user interface to enable or disable secure boot.
> [/quote]
> http://ozlabs.org/docs/uefi-secure-boot-impact-on-linux.pdf
> Bottom line: the facility to disable UEFI Secure Boot must be mandated
> by (consumer protection) law.

If this requires warping into BIOS options (not a physical jumper),
then it will further complicate things, which is exactly what
Microsoft wants. Some people give up on Linux when they don't know
how to boot from CD-ROM or burn a proper ISO (Microsoft makes it unintuitive).

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