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Re: Google TV 2.0 Runs Linux

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____/ 7 on Saturday 29 Oct 2011 21:35 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> Google TV 2.0 gains Honeycomb, Android Market
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>> | Google unveiled Google TV 2.0, which will roll out
>> | on Sony TVs and Logitech Revue boxes Oct. 30. Featuring Android 3.1
>> | ("Honeycomb"), the upgrade includes a revamped interface featuring a
>> | new customizable home screen and app shortcuts, provides hundreds of
>> | Android Market apps, and offers improved search for TV and YouTube,
>> | says the company.
>> `----
>> http://www.linuxfordevices.com/c/a/News/Google-TV-2-rolls-out/?kc=rss
> My goodness - I just read this article!
> I am beginning to have doubts if I can do without this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> They finally beefed up the Linux computers found in ALL flat TVs to
> do more than just be the system controller.
> It will have Android, and with it the ability to play youtube,
> normal TV and numerous other android apps such as games.
> I have a touch screen AOC e2239Fwt which I got on the cheap
> from www.ebuyer.com a few months ago, and even then I had doubts
> if the Ubuntu had a pad like UI, that I would be able to give
> up on touch TV screens.
> If Android is coming and the TV is a touch screen as well
> and plenty of graphics speed and gaming, speed, then
> I may as update the TV to this new thing and give up
> many if not all of the cable TV channels for good. There is so much stuff
> on youtube that once you got your book marks sorted,
> there is just too much interesting and relevant
> programs to watch all day and all night.

If you find the good channels (for you) to subscribe to, then Google sends
you a digest by E-mail -- one about which videos are new and relevant to
your preference. I find that to be excellent!

> I will even pay for subscription movies if the rental was
> priced correctly! So basically I can give up on buying a hundred odd
> TV channels that I don't want/can't/will never want to watch just so that
> the TV company may live on the one or two TV channels I do watch!
> Its a huge inefficient waste of money for old rope that TV companies
> have been getting away with for too long and need legislation to have
> the system changed.

Some TV channels have unsuccessfully tried to 'embrace' YouTube. The indie 
channels rule the platform.

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