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Re: Ubuntu GNU/Linux 11.10 "a very decent and polished product."

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____/ 7 on Sunday 30 Oct 2011 10:36 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
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>> Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot review - Damn good
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>> | Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot has a silly name, but it is a
>> | very decent and polished product.
>> `----
>> http://www.dedoimedo.com/computers/ubuntu-ocelot.html
> "This pops a rather annoying semi-transparent menu that lets you search for
>  your stuff. It works ok, but it's far from being complete. For example,
>                       ^^
>                       Liar!!!!!!!!!   IT DOES NOT WORK!
>  most of your searches will be limited to top level results. Therefore, if
>  you're looking for settings buried deeper into the sub-menus, you won't
>  easily find them. You must also be rather accurate. For example, if you
>  need to configure a proxy, you need to know where to look.
> "
>                                              ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> So basically you are fscked if you don't remember the package name.
> Unity is crap. All those tricked by UI nazis and imagining it works are
> hallucinating.
> They should allow the left menu bar to go where the user wants.
> Choice is good!
> And make it configurable so that menus can be retained by applications,
> and enable a system menu where all the packages and their icons are
> listed. It is important the icons are drawn beside the application
> name - not everyone can read written English.
> The trials and tribulations of a Ubuntu 11.10 upgrade
> -----------------------------------------------------
> Accidentally pressed upgrade on the Ubuntu 11.04 PC
> and it went into a 2 hour upgrade.
> At the end of the upgrade, I was not a happy chappy
> because Ubuntu classic was not listed.
> I am not a fan of Unity because its UI is dumbed down
> to the point you have be an LSD consuming fog brained
> appil esque fanboi to be using it. Just can't get any
> work done in Unity without running into some serious obstacle
> like remembering the name of a package.
> I like complexity in my UI with menus that list all the applications
> jogging the brain to take various actions as the menu entries
> flash by. I don't like the left side of my UI taken up by a menu
> nazi UI troll imposing his will on where that fscking thing
> should sit. And neither do I like the default theme where
> all the window min, max and close buttons are on the left
> side. I am not left handed. I want them on the top right.
> I don't like reaching all the way to the top for the menu
> when I could be reaching each application and its menus.
> Application menus need to be listed in each application
> so that I don't have to second guess what options I have.
> It seriously reduces productivity if menus keep getting
> hidden for the sake of fog brained appil fanboi UI design
> philosophy. And also these patronizing warnings about Unity not being
> able to run current hardware?
> Cut that out will ya?
> It ain't gonna be running on my desktop for A VERY LONG TIME,
> because Unity is not Linux OK?!
> When I couldn't get Ubuntu classic, I tried the other
> options including KDE. KDE desktop is a disaster.
> The menu lag is immense on a Revo Aspire with its normal disk.
> And both Unity and KDE is immensely slow.
> So sadly I had to dump 11.10 and went back to 11.04 running
> Ubuntu classic.
> In desperation I say unto the Ubuntu/Gnone/KDE team what do they
> think they are doing wrecking a good UI and going back
> on all the productivity gains under older versions of Linux?
> To prevent the repeat of the mistakes being made by UI nazis,
> can we please put in a few user tests as part of the release cycle?
> Give the new distro to someone who hasn't seen it and get them
> to do the following:
> 1. Install it.
> 2. Install additional software.
> 3. Run command line and run about 20 commands.
> 4. Open browser and save a couple of content files like video, audio,
>    and html, edit all of them, and upload them back to a web site.
> 5. Open document, add photos and create a some drawings and print them.
> 6. Import some data from a database, export it in CSV and display
>    as a graph using spreadsheet.
> 7. Set up a web server with phpbbs and MySQL database.
> The total list of industrial strength tasks would be longer and should take
> 6 hours on a decent PC and if it took 8, then don't bother releasing it.
> Keep a tally of the number of patronizing messages as well, and the number
> of things that could not be done as claimed by the user (even if there
> was a way to do it). That gives a measure of disgruntled the
> user is gonna be getting when that new release gets released and if its
> too much, compared to a previous release, then don't bother releasing it.
> So simple!
> Its all now restored back to where it was in 11.04. But it was done through
> rsync, reformatting and re-installation. A complete windummy experiences
> suitable for clowns I am sure. I tried to avoid that by trying to do a
> restore function on one of the unity menus. But that required logging into
> something and I could imagine, if I hadn't logged in before (which I
> haven't) then there will be nothing there for me to restore with! Doh!
> Groan!
> Whole day wasted spent pandering to a PC like in the good old
> days of windopws. Frankly I thought we have left the ideologies
> of that era behind by now.
> The best thing to come out of this sorry experience is how well
> rsync -av and rsync -av --dry-run works magic across a USB
> disk to transfer data back and forth with main disk without losing file
> updates and file counts playing with 87gb of data.

I am still using the latest LTS. There's no need to upgrade every 6 months at all.
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