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Re: Gadget of the Year

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____/ Homer on Thursday 03 Nov 2011 11:32 : \____

> Verily I say unto thee that bbgruff spake thusly:
>> Asus Eee Pad Transformer is Stuff's gadget of the year.....
>> A hybrid laptop-tablet computer is the unexpected winner of Stuff
>> magazine's gadget of the year award.
>> Asus's Eee Pad Transformer beat the iPad 2 to the top prize, despite
>> stronger demand for Apple's device.
>> It is a marketing coup for the Taiwanese company ahead of the busy
>> Christmas shopping period. It may also aid Asus with the imminent
>> launch of an upgraded version to its product.
>> However, other journalists voiced surprise at the choice.
> Why?
> Why should Yet Another Tablet be expected to win an award, but a far
> more useful and interesting device like the Eee Pad Transformer
> shouldn't? Just because the tablet has a fruit logo on it?
> Under what criteria would Apple's tablet even qualify for any award?
> Hype and litigation?
>> "Despite the iPad 2 being a finer tablet in the purest sense
> It's just another iGizmo: an over-hyped, overpriced and over-restrictive
> pile of junk, that Apple can't even sell without using bullshit patent
> extortion to suppress the competition - nothing more.

Worse -- it is likely that Jobs had Larry sue Android (Larry calls Steve his 
"best friend" and "idol") and he also uses fake 'evidence' in court. That
must be a violation of some law, maybe contempt of the court.

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