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Re: Even more Apple Insanity

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____/ RonB on Friday 04 Nov 2011 20:08 : \____

> Yeah, Apple is insane. Really, really insane.
> Besides the AppleADay lawsuit, they're also suing a small German cafe for
> using the German word "apfelkind" ("apple kid") because they have the gall
> to use an apple in their logo.
> I think both these lawsuits were started when Jobs was still alive. Maybe
> his mind was deteriorating when he started this crap.
> ~~
> Apple wants a German cafe to stop using this logo
> According to owners of a small German cafÃ, Apple has sent a cease and
> desist letter over the use of the above logo. Apfelkind, which is German
> for âapple baby,â is a family-oriented coffee and tea house that opened
> this April in the city of Bonn.
> The owner of Apfelkind, Christin RÃmer, registered the logo with the
> fashion and service industry in Munich this June. In the letter from
> Appleâs lawyers, they claimed that the logo could cause confusion with
> Appleâs global brand.
> ~~
> http://tinyurl.com/6kxevrd
> Only if you're an Apple logo cultist could you be confuse this logo with
> Apple Computer.
> So I was being tongue and cheek about Applebees. Now I'm beginning to
> wonder. And are grocery stores going to be forced not to show pictures of
> apples in their ads? After all, if you can confuse the logo linked above
> with an Apple Computer logo, you would probably mistake a watermelon for
> an iPhone also.

Apple is just a brand with a company 'around' it. Apple does not
make stuff, it badges stuff.

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