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Semantic Desktop in GNU/Linux

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GNOME and the Semantic Desktop

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| The Unity interfaceâs âFiles and Foldersâ option relies on Zeitgeistâ(zeit in 
| German is time, and geist is ghost). My first experience of using Unity was 
| very disturbingâit found nothing! Zeitgeist keeps track of various activities 
| on filesâprovided the application you are using informs it. âFiles and 
| Foldersâ searches for files within your activities. Obviously, there are no 
| activities after a fresh install, and so nothing is shown as âfoundââeven 
| though the home directory may be full of files from the previous version of 
| Ubuntu. Its utility increases over time.
| In the GNOME environment, you will need to install gnome-activity-journal, 
| which will also install Zeitgeist. After installation, you will find âActivity 
| Journalâ in the Accessories menu on Fedora 15. The application aborts at 
| start-up. Fedoraâs Bugzilla had numerous entries for this problemâmost likely 
| via abrtâbut no solution. You need to comment a few lines of code that cause 
| the crash; this is to ensure that you have a recent version of Zeitgeist!

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