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Overview of 10 Linux Distros

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Linux, Open Source & Ubuntu: 10 Linux Distros Every IT Manager Should Know

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| The ability to customize Linux to run on various types of hardware and to suit 
| specific user needs means there are more flavors of Linux-based operating 
| systems available than Ben & Jerryâs Ice Cream. While administrators generally 
| stick with the well-known ones, such as Canonical's Ubuntu, Attachmate's 
| Novell SUSE and Red Hat Enterprise Linux for their servers and desktops, they 
| are beginning to see other flavors sneaking into the enterprise. A recent Dell 
| KACE study found that IT departments are supporting more operating systems 
| than the company standard because employees are increasingly using personal 
| laptops and devices to access enterprise applications and resources. "No 
| single device is used dramatically more than others, meaning that IT must be 
| aware of a wide range of operating systems and devices that connect to their 
| systems," Dell KACE researchers wrote in the report. Approximately 14 percent 
| of personal laptops being used in the enterprise run a Linux distribution. In 
| addition, 23 percent of personal tablets and over half of the personal 
| smartphones in the enterprise run Android, according to the report. In this 
| slide show, eWEEK lists some of the Linux-based operating systems and 
| distributions that every IT manager should be familiar with.

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