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Re: To GNU/Linux, Microsoft Windows is a Bug

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____/ Chris Ahlstrom on Tuesday 15 Nov 2011 12:00 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote this copyrighted missive and expects royalties:
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>> Where Linux crushes Windows like a bug: Supercomputers
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>>| The faster a computer goes, the more likely is to have Linux at its heart.
>>| The most recent Top500 list of supercomputers shows that, if anything, Linux
>>| is becoming even more popular at computingâs high end.
>>| In the latest Top500 Supercomputer list, youâll find when you dig into the
>>| supercomputer statistics that Linux runs 457 of the worldâs fastest
>>| computers. Thatâs 91.4%. Linux is followed by Unix, with 30 or 6%; mixed
>>| operating systems with 11 supercomputers, 2.2%. In the back of the line,
>>| youâll find OpenSolaris and BSD with 1 computer andâoh me, oh myâWindows
>>| also with just 1 supercomputer to its credit. Thatâs a drop from 4 in the
>>| last supercomputer round up in June.
>> `----
>> http://www.zdnet.com/blog/open-source/where-linux-crushes-windows-like-a-bug-supercomputers/9890
> A drop in supercomputing based on Windows?  That's no surprise to me.
> I'm frankly surprised that people put up with the dog-slowness of
> Windows in large computing networks.  Or even in small ones.
> Note that I'm basing that solely on what I've seen, and what I've seen
> may have been caused partly by the incompetence of the admins.
> Of course, the asstroturfers weigh in at that link:
>    One Windows cluster can 'crush' 440+ other supercomputers running
>    Linux, was all I got from this :-)
>    After his previous article was reasonable towards both Windows and
>    Linux, he just couldn't help but stroke his Linux-e-peen once again
>    :P
>    And of course Linux is a success in some areas. But the big desktop
>    revolution he and the FSF loons predicted never came true.
>    They had no need, as they designed Windows with the goal of running
>    applications and software for the consumer and business world, in
>    which Windows server outsells competing products to a margin of 75%
>    for Window, with everyone else carving up the remaining 25%.
>    On desktops they have close to 90%, with teh remaining 10% fought
>    over by competing products.
>    Linux is cheap compared to Windows that's it. About 3 years ago one
>    SC in the top ten had the ability to boot either Windows or Linux.
>    Windows actually showed slightly higher efficiency or the ratio
>    between the peak and theoretical performance. They were also praising
>    how easy it was to get Windows setup. The problem is that unless MS
>    subsidizes the installation, it is simply too expensive to use
>    Windows.

I have seen them subsidise it. It's so crappy that the experiments fall over and 
it's soon back to Linux. People need to get work done, not bribes collected.

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