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CentOS 6 Linux Reviewed

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CentOS 6 Linux, A First Look

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| I've been running CentOS 5.x for a number of years, mostly on servers, and 
| have been extremely happy with it. In fact, I've upgraded servers along the 
| way, up to 5.6 and have also been amazed at the seamless upgrade process from 
| version to version. For those that don't know, CentOS is the free derivative 
| of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The source is compiled and released as its own 
| distribution that is so close to Red Hat Enterprise that packages can even be 
| interchanged between the two. I have to tip my hat at the developers that 
| release CentOS, they do a ton of work and the documentation on the CentOS Wiki 
| site is excellent.
| This past weekend I finally got a look at CentOS 6, which every CentOS user 
| has been anxiously waiting for since Red Hat announced RHEL 6 a while back. 
| I'm a little late to the game, but unfortunately time has prohibited from 
| checking it out sooner.

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